1 Timothy 3 – Above Reproach

“2 Therefore an overseer must be above reproach” so I guess thst means nobody from inside or outside of the community would have a negative thing to say about them

I was just reading down the list of all the qualifications for an overseer and a deacon and I kept feeling smaller and smaller and less and less qualified as a human being …I have some of those qualities but I don’t have all of them and the ones that I do have probably aren’t up to the standards that would be required back then, so I was left feeling a bit dirty. Time and daily improvement and constant contact in my walk will cleanse me. Ones chosen for those positions would have the fruits of the Spirit growing out of them in abundance.

I am a strong believer proper conduct in a house of God, it’s OK to laugh when appropriate but we have to remember just like the chapter says we have to show our respect (ought to know how to behave) in the house of God because it is the house of the living God and I like how they said the church is a pillar AND a buttress because a pillar puts it up high.. lifts it up and a buttress is a support for it!

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