Cut and Run

I have the tendency to want to flea when things get hard. Whether that be relationships, friendships, jobs, projects, or even faith at times.

I have been improving though, thanks to the Holy Spirit and His constant guidance and support, strengthening my soul. I feel bolder and more courageous than I was but still I will bump up against the border of what I feel are my limits.

One of these borders is my role as a leader at my job. Over a year ago I saw an opportunity to leave my workplace. For a bit of context I have worked nearly 5 different jobs in the course of 3 years and I have never stayed at a single job for more than 5 years. I am feeling great shame as I write that down this morning. I have job hopped trying to find fulfillment after my career goals fell apart.

One such attempt was last year when I applied for a position at Riverwood as a graphic designer. But I knew shortly after I applied I was not meant to leave the job I currently have as a warehouse reciever.

God showed me through a realization that the men I worked with were not followers and my influence, love and prayers for them daily could be make a difference in their salvation. Sometimes I doubt that calling, I doubt that I will make an impact or that I can survive the mudane and mentally taxing work I face daily for the sake of men who seem very intentional on living life by their own means.

I’ve stuck it through so far with the help of the Spirit and God’s blessings. I pray I keep a mind on His plans and not my own.

One thought on “Cut and Run

  1. I can 100% relate! My bosses are so far from God. I detest having to use my God given gift to help them get another ivory backscratcher
    My influence enough may not be alone, God sent another Christ follower to work at my place so we can double our presence and we support and have prayed for eachother. That’s what’s keep me from doing a cut and run!

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