1 Timothy 1

I certainly don’t want to make a shipwreck out of my faith or lead others into a wreck. If I’m not certain about what I hear, I research it to see if it is truth. Too many false teachers out there. Too many people who have become too self righteous and pick and pull what they seem fit to teach from scriptures and then morally tweak it to fit their own best judgment – basically playing God. This couldn’t upset Him more! There should be no deviation from the Word. Keep the hand firm on the plow and steadfast forward! No looking back, take His love letter and live by it, dont change it, don’t edit Gods work! Dont even begin to think you have some information that He needs. As soon as His Word starts getting twisted and re-worded, your beginning down the wrong path that is being led by something other than God… this leads to the wreck.

I think the main message I get from this chapter is that Jesus comes to save people …He did it for Timothy who was a blasphemer and turned him right around and now Hes using him to do the same for others.

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