Haggai 2 – Be Strong

The most important part of any temple is God’s presence and He wanted the people to know that, so that’s why He said “I am with you” and encouraged with “Be strong” to continue to build the temple. Instead of thinking back of what the past glory of something was, it’s good to know that a caring,loving and encouraging God is there for us ..and even if it’sGod using people to build His temple, it’s just a building without His Glory within it.

I’m grateful nowadays we don’t have to go to a certain place to feel His presence, or feel like I’m near Him. His work on the cross freed us from those boundaries. so what’s God asking me to stop focusing on to give Him more attention that He deserves? Are my walls too padded? it’s certainly not a pocketbook with holes in it 🙂 every hole leads to a payment of some sort

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