Comparison is a very heartbreaking game to play. A game I have been playing lately.

I look at myself and my day to day life and think: my house is so small and plain compared to theirs, my job is not like that amazing work that I aspire to every day.

I know full well what these thoughts do. They only bring me grief and they say to God, my Lord, Savior and life: “Thanks for my perfect blessings and all God, but no thanks because I don’t have what they have and what I have is not enough for me.”

It’s heartwrenching to admit that these things live inside of me constantly. At times its no wonder the day to day drains me out. Contentment can be one of the toughest gifts to grab on to, particularly in times when it feels like the temple of our former lives or potential lays in ruins before us and now we have the daunting task of rebuilding it.

As God was with Israel when they were called to rebuild His house, He is with us as we build our future. A future intentionally entrenched with Him.

One thought on “Comparison

  1. A friend pointed out to me that comparison is never good. We either feel we are less than/lacking and that produces Discontent (ungratefulness) or we feel we are better than which breeds Pride.

    The Holy Spirit within helps us to get out of that miry clay and encourages us to develop our talents which are a gift from God.


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