Ezekiel 48

Wow! Made it though Ezekiel!

Now it’s all going to be a breeze right?!? hahaha

Thanks for all the contributions, comments and sharing in the blog.

“35 The circumference of the city shall be 18,000 cubits”

A well-rounded city (i’m saying rounded because circumference was mentioned) the number 18 (חי) the number in Hebrew is made of two characters. the little dot looking thing is called a “yud” and has a value of 10 and the larger character on the right is called a “chet” and it is worth 8 making the “value” of the word at 18, it is representative of life So to be within these walls and being God centred, you would have a well rounded life.

One thought on “Ezekiel 48

  1. Thank you for the lesson of “18”. It’s so incredible how every detail fits together. Every puzzle piece fits together to make the complete picture with God at the centre.


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