Ezekiel 47 thoughts…

My gut and heart is telling me that the water flowing from the temple is symbolic of Christ and all His glory being the living water that flows out as opposed to all of Gods glory being kept in one room behind a thick curtain. And then it was brought to memory with all the trees along one side of the flowing water and the story of how Riverwood got its name with the Elm”wood” along the flowing river.

From v3 to v6 Reminded me about myself being young and early in my Christian journey …just being ankle deep and then as I grow closer to God I will be closer to knee-deep then waist deep until my time comes and I am fully emerged. Reading this was inspirational and made me want to forsee my own future reading and learning deeper and deeper and getting closer to God until I’m swimming in Him so to speak.

When the land was being divided among the tribes I thought of the idea of actually being given something.. a division of something right from God. Oh well, what a treat that possession would be and how well would I manage it?…if it were land, I would manicure it to the best of my abilities to be productive in fruit or grain, if it was cattle I would raise it and groom it until it was it ready for a perfect execution or sacrifice 🙂 if it were money or gold I would invest the very best I could to make more interest so I could give more. I certainly wouldn’t be like that one employee who took his bag of money and buried in the ground for fear of losing it in a bad investment.

And then I thought again… aha! God gives me the greatest gift in all the world, and that’s my life! Plus the ability to know who He is and His greatness and know and walk with Him in all His glory. All Glory goes to Him! Bless the lord as he helps me see everything through His Sons eyes.

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