Daily Prayer

I pray daily as I experience all types of emotions and thoughts that either attempt to inspire or degrade my spirit. This prayer it often sounds like a conversation in my head as I speak what is in my heart to God in the moment. The subject of these prayers are often fall into these categories:

1) Asking for God’s holiness – this I feel can be combined with repentance. I become a threat to those around me if I don’t adjust my heart daily to God’s will for my life.

2) Gratitude – Thanking God for the things I have no matter how small and common place: Hot showers, my car, my job, my functioning body and the friends I keep

3) Guidance – I ask God: “Who or what needs your love today?”. I always try to remember that God’s primary outlet of influence in this world is His followers.

4) Turning hearts – I pray for the hearts of those around me who do not yet follow, in the hopes that they one day choose to turn their life over to Christ. I often pray for wisdom when talking to these people. Wisdom to speak to their heart as best as I can.

The nature of things prayed for will change depending on the person but I think it’s important to note we always need to ask God unselfishly and that He won’t give anything unless we ask. Prayer is meant to be a benefit to our souls by growing our faith. God knows what we need and knows what we will ask for, so you may wonder why ask at all? Because God won’t force himself on us, we need to do the work of inviting Him in and when God does answer our prayers our faith grows tremendously!

One thought on “Daily Prayer

  1. I like your statement that Prayer is meant to be a benefit to our souls by growing our Faith. Prayer grows us and puts us insinc with how and where God is moving and where we fit into the plan. And, yes, answered prayer grows our Faith.

    Your Blogs are obviously from your heart and are thought provoking.


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