Temples for Now? or Later? – Ezekiel 40


The dimensions of Ezekiel’s temple are far larger than the temple in Jesus’ day, and that temple was huge!

More hope on the way that God hasn’t forsaken His people and will make them fruitful and strong again.

I did a little research and learned that the measurements used for the construction of this temple were actually not the average Joe’s measurements,they were royal measurements suited for a King which is highly appropriate in this case.

BUT I think these were some pieces missing or not mentioned in the prophecy… for a temple as grand as this, can you believe they forgot a few things of great importance?!?

Does anybody else think that this is almost prophetic to have a temple like this AFTER the time Jesus comes?

NO mention of a 2 foot thick curtain separating the holiest of the holy rooms because since the work of Jesus such a division is no longer necessary.

NO mercy seat/arc of covenant because the work of Jesus at the cross fulfilled the place of atonement.

NO mention of a high priest because Jesus is it!

NO mention of the king because Jesus is the king of kings.

With such an elaborately detaield record of such a temple to come, and these 4 crucial things not even mentioned. This time what was Absent is what jumped off the page for me.

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