Seeing Heaven

Ezikiel 40 is the start of a stunning and awe inspiring vision of heaven, God’s final temple. Some beileve it is a literal measurement and set value for the new kingdom some say it is only symbolic, such as the earlier visions in the book of Ezekiel. Whatever you beileve New Jerusalem will be glorious to behold on that day.

I find myself thinking about the majesty of heaven and getting excited! I wonder what it will look like: will it be more beautiful than any sight I have ever seen on earth? More importantly I wonder what it will feel like.

Being in the pure presence of God as we were designed I can’t even fathom an existence with out a single negative emotion or degrading feeling of any sort. A place like sounds, well, like heaven!

This was God’s desire from the start, living in relationship with us for eternity in the peace, rest and glory that comes by being in His holy presence.

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