I feel like Habukkuk today, In fact i’ve been feeling like him for a

month or so now. Waiting on the hill in the background watching all these bad things going on and I’m feeling helpless beyond my prayer, faith and hope. I can see some of my prayer panning out and working in some areas of my life and that gives me faith that what’s currently going on will also get attended to by God the way He sees fit. I can almost put myself on the hill though because it feels so relatable. I can see self destruction. I can see self hurting and I have to put my faith in the fact that its God doing what needs to be done to teach somebody a lesson and or bring rightous justice. I don’t have to understand, I just have to accept it like it or lump it.

I tell you it doesn’t make my day-to-day life any easier, I go out and I do my best to walk with Jesus and I have this heavy burden on my shoulders and it’s really not my burden at all, I’m supposed to unload it at the feet of Jesus and it’s so easy to say but much harder to live through…what I’m praying for is for somebody to start getting healthy, to start following a program, and for more personal strength to handle the situation, for more grace through the tough times because they have rough edges and the secrets and lies also have rough edges that are gonna hurt physically and emotionally

2 thoughts on “Headspace

  1. May God give you wisdom and strength and may you feel Him lifting your burden. Sometimes all we can do is Pray but it’s also the Best thing we can do. God will show you if there are other things that you can do.


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