Who’s Really Winning?

I find myself thinking from time to time: why does this selfish, greedy person seem to get all the blessings in their life? Why is does it aleays seem like evil is winning in our world?

This thinking is not a place I like to stay for a few reasons: 1) Its conveting, which is telling God I don’t trust or appreciate the blessings he HAS given me, 2) I’m flawed in my own way, particularly when it comes to the sin of selfishness and greedy, 3) It’s not a very hopeful or constructive mindset, 4) Not all material gains and comforts come from God, the enemy can provide a pretty comfortable lifestyle to keep souls inert.

With that said things can seem unfair on the surface in certain circumstances. As I grow spiritually my perpective has shifted I see the “wins” of wealth, status and accolades as pillars that can always be crumbled. The higher we build these pillars the more effort we have to put into maintaining them to keep them from blowing over. If we lean on our wealth to show our prowess how much more shrewd will we be? Or how much more likely will we obess over the things we buy?

The book of Ezekiel talks about material wealth in terms of wordly “victory” but there is another type that is talked about: the “victory” of military might. How often does it seem that evil runs the actions of nations and lays waste to countless lives?

It can be hard to bear if not for the promises of God. One day all wrongs will be righted and there will be no more suffering. The victory has already been won on the cross, this time we live in right now is only a clean up phase before the final glory.

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