A Curveball

Yes, things happen all the time that are out of my control, but the Lords got me!There are no days or scenarios that are out of bounds, we can get curveballs from all angles.

Just last sunday after church I was heading to a flea market with my son and got rear ended just as we were turning into the market… well that threw a wrench into life… flea market was cut short. a couple cabs were called, mpi (who’s closed on sundays so I knew that was already on the plate for tomorrow), a towing company, exchange of information and finding rentals on a sunday?!? Car shopping and monthly payments was in our future… All of this going on so. an inquisitive 6 year old at my side and and in a bit of a state of shock…BUT no one was hurt and all will be well because God is steering the ship. I had that thought in my head the moment after impact and after making sure my son and the other driver was fine, I was able to look at all the pieces of my day that fell on the ground and know that God will help me pick each shard up and rebuild my world within His with grace. I believe knowing Jesus even helped my keep my cool and composure.

2 thoughts on “A Curveball

  1. This is from Bel…we are happy and grateful that god watching over you that day…..just continue praying…God is listening…


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