Ezekiel 35 – What Goes Around…

When the Lord comes out and says “I am against you” you best be prepared for some judgement. And I’m talking about pure righteous judgement that only God is capable of doling out.

I must say that the first part of this chapter is reminding me of Galatians 6 with the whole reap what you sow thing going on, but in a “what goes around – comes around” kind of way

Whichever kind of hatred, anger or blood shed they will project, God will make it come back at them. He even said He would see to it!

“ 13 And you magnified yoursellf against me with your mouth,”

God hears everything! He hears your thoughts because He’s inside us!! There is absolutely no way to hide! if you think you could hide from God in the belly of a ship, He will put you in the belly of a fish. If you think you could run in one direction, He will put you in the other direction – His direction.

One doesn’t need idols to upset God, all one has to do is speak of it and put glory elsewhere. All glory goes to God and nothing else. Amen

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