Ezekiel 34 Commentary

20-22 “‘Therefore, God, the Master, says: I myself am stepping in and making things right between the plump sheep and the skinny sheep. Because you forced your way with shoulder and rump and butted at all the weaker animals with your horns till you scattered them all over the hills, I’ll come in and save my dear flock, no longer let them be pushed around. I’ll step in and set things right between one sheep and another.

This verse stands out to me as a parallel to the future promise of the messiah. God’s words “I myself am stepping in…” and “I’ll come in and save my dear flock…” these words have so much impact. God’s love for us, His creation, is so great that He wants to save us Himself. He knew what it was going to take and He was willing to go to any length to do it.

The jews didn’t expect it or ancipate it, never believing the all mighty and powerful God of the universe would step in and become human. But God’s own sacrifice get us free from the laws of the universe and life that we couldn’t uphold.

This notion strikes me from time to time and I hope it continues to inspire awe in my heart for the rest of my life. God became man so he could die, satisfy the law and defeat sin, all for us. For us, the ones who reject Him and oppose Him. God gave it all so we could abound in a new hope and life. I pray that this fills our hearts with love and joy today.

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