H E _ _

H – E – Double Hockey Stick

This is a topic Id prefer to discuss face-to-face, but I couldn’t resist a nutshell version here.

I also agree that Pastor Todds was very well written.

I sadly used to believe that hell was here on earth because where else would there be rape, murder, deceit, etc… (I now know that the father of lies is here though – lurking around every corner) But I thought no matter who you are, when you die, you get to go to heaven Because we “survived our time down here” but everybody’s version of heaven is slightly different depending upon how they acted in their living soul…. kind of like Romans 12:3 because everybody is judged by the amount of grace that God had assigned each person, so dependent upon how each individual person executed that grace; for good or for evil, it would affect the degree of heaven one would experience for eternity . Weird Huh?

I’m so grateful I know the truth now and I know who my God is and I’m grateful that I’m kneeling and bowing right now, not waiting time face-to-face.

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