Memorization of Misinformation

I don’t need to know the scripture by chapter and verse, I just need to know I must live by it. I also know that I’m never going to stop learning and when I think I am, I’m ready to see God 🙂 It’s not important that I remember who said what or when, It’s important to know that this truth actually exists between the covers of our bible. People say “Gods honest word!” enough but do they know what they are talking about? Can it be backed by scripture? It’s impressive and inspirational to hear someone rattle off scriptures appropriate with modern day current situations, but one can memorize the entire bible and it won’t make you closer to God, not without the relationship bond. I’ve memorized a couple, but just because they happen to have been mentioned to me at the right time (Gods time) in my life and struck a very personal note. I know I don’t need to learn the Word by rote, to me it’s more important to be aware that the Word is there for me to reach for. It gives me shalom (שלום), light, direction, hope, joy and I feel Gods hug when the word touches my heart. This Chapter a day keeps me lit up inside and my hope is the light brightens someone else’s darkness.

Come to Christ! He is waiting outside the door to your heart! Open the door for Him. Let Him in. Miracles will happen.

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