Ezekiel 29 – It’s Not all Yours

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. This is my sea, this is my land, these are my people..The pharaohs is so proud and he thinks that he owns the water but he’s forgetting who REALLY owns the water and everything in it (Psalm 146:6) and that’s why I like the connection between God saying He was going to turn him into a gator and have other all the other fish (his sinning followers) to stick to his scales and be thrown to the wildlife for food.

“Because you said, ‘The Nile is mine, and I made it,” I love this ! This is God saying “HMMMM Pharoh, you want to claim that all of this is yours?? Then you can have all of the responsibility! I will just send you all the weight that comes with keeping everything together and you have no idea what goes on in the wings! To add insult to injury, a further in the future prophesy came out about King Neb taking over then land. You want to act like a God? Go ahead and try it isn’t going to last! I will see to that!

In an answer to one of Todd’s questions…If someone where to need me my extended arm, I would only offer my help if I knew it was legitimate and heartfelt. Ever since I read that shoddy work is as bad as vandalism, I’ve been re thinking how I execute all my tasks.

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