The Road Ahead

I am currently facing a scary concept in my life. My road of my life is unclear and a potientally dramatic shift may be on the horizon.

Since I was young I have wanted to be an artist. I always loved cartoons, picture books and comics and I apsired to make that sort of content when I got older. Over the years that passion blossomed into a marketable illustration skill set.

I went to college and earned a degree in graphic design as a start and worked as a freelance illustrator and production artist for six years. All this with the aspiration of becoming a self employed illustrator.

Over the past year I have begun to see a shift in my interests and gifts. I have clung to the Word of God more, and have been retaining much of its wisdom, which I have been sharing in my various posts and comments. I have followed closely a pastor by the name of Tim Ross from Embassy City Church in Irving, Texas for his spund biblical insight and his hilarious brand of humour he couples with it. I have receieved many uplifting comments online and in person from many of you, one of you whom messaged directly encouraging me to follow my gift of teaching.

It seems to be clear the Lord is guiding me to teach his Word in some capacity, but I still search for where. Will it be a serving postion or perhaps eventual full time work? I don’t know, but the call has been made and I will patiently pray and listen for more guidance and opportunities.

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