O.M ?

Oh my What?!

Is something I had asked an atheist when they said “Oh my God!” He said “relax, it’s just an expression” All I could think about is how he needed to be saved. The big issue was this person couldn’t deal with the G word or the J word… But “Heavenly Father” is acceptable. You see6. this gentleman must believe in “something” up there if it’s ok to thank a father in the sky for our meals… I say that isn’t an expression, it’s actually scripture!! Psalm 59 1 “Oh, my God, deliver me from my enemies; put me out of reach from those who rise up against me.” amd Lsalm 40:8 “I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart”… and so fourth.

So If you’re going to spend that much time and energy and effort not believing in something, why don’t you take a fraction of that energy and finish reading some of the scripture you’ve already said to me and maybe you’ll be able to find the truth as well!

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