When Others Fall..

Its tough to not want to celebrate when others fall especially when they have hurt us or what we stand for. We feel people should be getting what WE feel they deserve for the bad they have done in this life. But that’s really not a game any of us should play. because let’s remember if we ALL got what we deserved from God, none of us would be left here. God has a much different nature than us, having infinite grace for all. Through that grace, He saved us from an eternity without Him and he commands us to offer it to others. When it comes to salvation especially, our hearts as Christians should be broken over the aspect of any human soul ending up in the burning isolation of hell. Our lives should be committed to prayer and action in order to rescue as many souls as we can. I of course am not perfect at this, there are moments when I am hurt that I imagine screaming a loud “I TOLD YOU SO!” to all those in my life who reject and disrespect my faith on judgment day. But God is never petty to me when I choose to disobey Him. His arms are always open with love. Truthfully to think of even a person I hate to be condemned to an ETERNITY of isolation from all the goodness of God is something I couldn’t ever truly hope for.

2 thoughts on “When Others Fall..

  1. An eternity of isolation sounds like such a harsh punishment.

    I do believe there will be judgment after death and that there will be a time of extremely painful remorse when people’s eyes are opened to how they’ve abused others and themselves. But, eternal??
    . Revelation 20:14 says that Death and Hades ( one of the words that is translated as Hell) will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Death and Hell will cease to exist.

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