Ezekiel 26

The city of Tyre is being swept away by God in an act of judgement for their celebration and arrogance against Israel’s fall, along with other Immortality. God sent Babylon to Tyre to destroy them, it has me pondering: does God control others?
Well no, He doesn’t. He just knows how each of our hearts will react to certain circumstances based on the character and priorities in our hearts. King Nebuchadnezzar, like the pharaoh of Egypt during Isreal’s slavery, was steered to their own destruction by tempting situations put out in from of them: “Take this island nation” or “work your slaves harder, never let them go!”. Both kings could have ignored these temptations and fears and chose good but they did not and God knew this. We always have the choice when temptations arise and times get tough, will we soften our hearts? Or will our hearts grow harder and harder?

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