“We Can” – A Poem

Oh my goodness what a time

You are rediscovering God,

and so am I

You always loved Jesus, but in a different way.

And what I used to think was just one, is Three today.

You didn’t have the Trinity, and neither did I

Now we can see all Three and it’s clear as the sky.

I used to think holy miracles ended in one book, and I was even taught not to bother to look.

But I open my eyes, realize and look… see the prophecies fulfilled were made from the old books .

I can not deny all that I know, the old test and new have made me grow.

God can be anything, Father, Son or Spirit.

And until I came to believe, I would not hear it.

We can not fathom no start and no end, but what we can have is Lord Jesus my friend.

With Hope Love and Faith, we truly have wealth.

Put it all in His hands for our wellbeing and health.

Bold, Passionate and Faithfull, I will be for Him and us, Reflecting unto others and reducing how I cuss.

We found a place where we can hold eachother, praise gods word and heal

With the help of the kids program childcare, we know that heaven is for real.

I just know life has obstacles and I am generally a no worry guy,

When things get tough too tough for me alone

I can just look to the sky

And remember where true strength comes from

Because I’m just one man

But with the help of His spirit and Grace

It helps me say “We Can

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