Ezekiel 7

8 It won’t be long now until I pour out My wrath on you,        until I unleash My fierce anger against you;    I will judge you according to your ways        and repay you for all your shocking actions.9     I will not look on you with pity or spare you.        I will fully repay you for your shocking behavior and despicable deeds.    Then you will know it is I, the Eternal, who have crushed you.
Admittedly, passages of God’s wrath are some of the most challenging parts of scripture for me to digest. The imagery sounds harsh and I can’t help but feel to myself: “where is God’s love?”. I struggled with this for sometime but A few things help to provide context for myself:- God is paitent, he often allows much time for a follower to “accumulate” sin or to self correct their own actions- Ancient Israel did not have the grace of God through Jesus’s death- Followers of God acting in blasphemy and evil soil God’s name and therefore can keep many other lost people from salvation – It is loving for a parent or Father to discipline His children to keep them from making decisions that will cause them self harm and despair
I feel like under the surface, when I read passages of God’s wrath, I feel uncomfortable because I know I deserve the full weight of God’s judgement for my own sins, and that brings up guilt, shame and fear. But I know God’s own sacrifice has cleansed me and God only wishes the best for my life, not to destroy it.

One thought on “Ezekiel 7

  1. Personally I think that is because as natural people, we are attracted to the darkness by default, where we can do what we want and “hide from God” we would rather glorify sin and make light of it rather than follow our true calling which is stop sin all together and follow the Lord


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